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Project Description

With over 15 years of activity in this sector, Radiatori 2000 S.p.A. is one of the key player in the production of die-cast aluminium radiators. The answer to the demands of those are looking for functional products without foregoing quality and aesthetic.

Radiatori 2000 S.p.A. is part of the FECS Group, a world leading verticalized system in the recovery, treatment and valorisation of aluminium from scrap.
The final phase of a perfect circular economy that allows the re-entry into the market of a totally recovered raw material, in fact, Radiatori 2000 S.p.A. produces ready-to-install finished products, starting from recycled materials from separate waste collection, recovery of automobile components or white goods.

The Made in Italian quality is assured thanks to the continuous collaboration with leading Italian technical and technological research centres (including the Energy Department of the Milan Polytechnic) and the support of prestigious architectural and design studios.

Nothing is left to chance in each manufacturing process phase, in order to offer eco-friendly products, with a unique and extremely innovative content.