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Project Description

GEWISS is an international leader in the production of systems and components for low voltage electrical installations. Continual investments in research and development, training for all personnel and expansion of production facilities have enabled GEWISS to become a key player on the market manufacturing solutions for domotics, energy and lighting. Gwiss produces state of the art electrical equipment for both industrial and commercial use.

Besides its home and building automation and video communication systems, the GEWISS catalogue includes energy distribution and protection systems, as well as urban, residential, street, industrial and emergency lighting systems.

Established in 1970, following a revolutionary idea about the use of technopolymer in electrical systems, GEWISS now supplies an integrated electrical system comprising more than 20,000 products, to cater for all needs of the electrotechnical market in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.



The technologically advanced range of modular and moulded-case devices joins the vast range of distribution boards and cabinets, enclosures and combined boards to create the GEWISS Protection System. A complete range to meet every possible need of safety, design and practicality.


The connection and distribution system lies at the heart of the GEWISS range, and has shaped the history of electrical plant engineering in Italy. A technologically advanced range of junction boxes, special containers, enclosures, distribution boards and devices for industrial connections.


GEWISS’ flair for innovation and ongoing commitment to experimenting new materials and technologies are reflected in the continual modernisation of its solutions for the lighting industry. A global vision of lighting technology concepts and a style echoing the unmistakable principles of Italian design represent the most intimate and deepest dimension of GEWISS lighting solutions. GEWISS products are perfect for indoors and outdoors, in industrial contexts, for buildings used for commercial purposes (retail outlets, public buildings) and for sports facilities, as well as for street and emergency lighting. The GEWISS lighting range includes architectural floodlights, residential/urban decorative devices, aluminium and technopolymer floodlights, street lighting and flush-mounting elements for the wall and ground.


Home Automation systems offer cutting-edge solutions for home and building management and control. The true strength of all systems and building systems lies in integration of all the systems of the building. The control and integrated, coordinated management of systems means that information and operating status can be exchanged among systems and therefore building/system performance can be improved considerably, in terms of energy saving, comfort and safety. In particular, Chorus improves everyday life, combining design with sophisticated functions for a smart home system. With Chorus, system functions can be supervised and managed either locally by user interfaces or remotely via the Internet or simple text messages. The shapes, lines and materials of Chorus attractively bring together all products of different solutions.