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Project Description

Eighty years of intense evolution and continuous Italian success. After an initial debut in the 1920s in the lighting and the bathroom fixtures sector, in 1932 Spartaco Mamoli, the company’s founder, transformed his entrepreneurial activity into a company and guided it towards the production of bathroom taps and fittings with a definite orientation towards technological and productive innovation.

Innovation, research and quality. These are the key words identifying the Mamoli Company philosophy. Founded in 1932 thanks to Spartaco Mamoli’s entrepreneurial insight, over time the company has established itself as a key-player both on the Italian and the international panorama in the production of taps and fittings characterised by a strong aesthetic and technological research.

Today a dialogue with the world of the project and the pursuit of a rigorous “made in Italy” production in its plants in Milan give rise to unique design products in terms of their formal elegance and technical performance.