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Project Description

Giacomini is a global producer of underfloor & ceiling heating and cooling systems, thermal energy metering and water & gasses regulation. Currently Giacomini employs over 1000 workers, exporting around 80% of its production in over 100 countries all around the world. The headquarters of Giacomini is in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, Italy.

The company’s assortment consists of more than 6,000 product items made in 4 factories in Italy. Every day Giacomini processes 100 tons of brass into 85 tons of Giacomini products.

The most traditional device for heating a room – the radiator – has always been able to rely on Giacomini components. Giacomini  is universally recognised as a specialists in the manufacture of valves, lockshield valves, thermostatic heads, and all the other accessories involved in the operation of any heating element.

Technical skill, production reliability, wide range: these are the characteristics that allow Giacomini to easily equip every type of radiator, whether in new installations or in energy requalification projects.