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Project Description

Elettrocanali can offer a wide assortment of products for low tension electrical installations: trunking system, distribution boards, industrial plugs and sockets, flush and wall mounting modular distribution enclosures and junction boxes, rigid and pliable conduit systems, fittings for conduits, fixing systems and cable glands. The product range is constantly widening and branching out thanks to a plan of growth which aims at making the company successful with new products, but always remaining in the same technical field.

All Elettrocanali products are wholly designed and produced in our production facilities; they take therefore advantage of the gained experience and the reliability granted by the products made in Italy. Since 1998 has the production been working in compliance with the Standard ISO 9001.

Elettrocanali group is an independent and autonomous production enterprise, founded near Bergamo, it was born from the merger of two pre-existing separated companies, located one in Northern and the other in Southern Italy. The organization has presently 4 manufacturing sites all in Italy and 2 commercial and logistical subsidiaries, one located in France and the other in Spain and exports in over 70 countries.

Elettrocanali Group, with its headquarters in Scanzorosciate, at the foot of the Orobic Pre Alps has been a successful manufacturer of electrical installations systems for over 40 years. Born from the cooperation of two pre-existing manufacturers, one in Northern and the other in Southern Italy, has been steadily growing both on the domestic and foreign markets and has become an ideal and reliable partner for consolidated and new customers.