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Project Description

Quality is synonymous with guaranteed product safety and reliability. A value safeguarded through stringent, accurate tests, carried out for each of the phases that transform a simple idea into an irreplaceable working instrument.
Our experts rely on highly sophisticated equipment to consistently monitor:

  1. Raw materials: through chemical, dimensional and laboratory tests, with a view to providing flawless structures.
  2. Manufacturing cycle: each phase of the manufacturing process is monitored according to control plans complying with quality procedures. Particular attention is focused on heat treatment. This phase, together with accurately selected raw materials, results in superior performance and mechanical properties. 
  3. End selections: this delicate operation is carried out before final chrome-plating. Production is 100% tested, so that the product can meet our aesthetic and functional requirements. 
  4. Packaging: each item is further inspected during the packaging phase, before being sent to the distribution network.

Testimony to Beta Utensili’s commitment to guaranteeing high quality standards is given by the inconsequential number of items returned for manufacturing defects.

ISO Certification

Since 1995 Beta’s manufacturing processes have complied with the ISO 9001 Quality System standards (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008).